Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Seawinds Calling. A little ditty from '79. Do the seawinds call?
Aye, that they do. I hear 'em a lot. Doesn't matter where I'm at. Mountains, desert, woods, walmart, hooters...thar be the seawinds...calling.

One of these days I'll be answering them, if you catch my drift...sea drift that is.

Okay, this next video is a great song, but the video? WTH were they thinking with the mickey mouse gloves and that...that Richard Simmons shirt? And am I imagining it, or is the lead guitarist smirking (if he is it's at the lead singer for wearing that get-up.
Hey, I get the long hair but the rest is jest...LOLOLOL!!!

You make me feel (like NEVER again!)

This last video is in memory of D-Day, which is on June 7th for those who may have fergot. If you fergot drop and give me twenty maggot! But if you remembered you get to enjoy the music sooner. And remember...


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mushroom said...

I hadn't heard of Accept, but I thought they had a familiar sound, so I may have heard them.

'80s rockers I would guess with Bonfire.

Hammerfall is great, and that is a classic song.

Thank you, Ben.

You really have to wonder if we could even imagine doing something like D-Day anymore. There are some still like those men, but I don't know how many.