Monday, May 31, 2010

Never Negotiate Our Liberty Away

"Instead of being a party of 'no' the Republicans should negotiate with the Democrats."

"I just want to see all of our representatives, both democrats and republicans working together and doing their jobs."

"What the people really want to see is republicans and democrats hammering out their differences, negotiating and getting bills passed. That's what Congress is supposed to do."

I hear a lot of that kind of talk from pundits, the MSM (in general), politicians (mostly democrats but a few republicans as well), activists, some CEO's and even the occasional "man on the street" interview.

Sounds almost noble gettin' stuff done and all. But what kind of "stuff" would that be?
The stuff nightmares are made of that's what.

Stuff that runs on envy and causes divisions among us as a result.
Stuff that erodes and outright takes away our liberties, pursuit of happiness (property), and yes, even life.

Stuff that steals a persons livelyhood with the blessings of the State.

Stuff that coerces and forces Americans to do what the State tells them to do based on crank "science" or just plain in your face nannyism (fascism, totalitarianism, socialism, Obamunism, etc.) be it "green" energy, government bailouts (takeovers) or Obama"care" to name just a few.

Stuff that creates and gives more power to more 'rats (FCC, Czars, Comittees, etc.). The power to tell us Americans (and American businesses) what we can and cannot say, or do without representation.

Stuff that ignores our rights and our Constitution.

Stuff that uses our public schools and our great military as places to conduct social experiments that are detrimental to the mission of each.

Stuff that increases taxes often disguised by using other words such as various fees, "value" added tax, etc.

Stuff that increases prices by forcing businesses to incorporate draconian regulations overseen by (you guessed it) more 'rats.

Stuff that hurts and decreases jobs in the private sector.

Stuff that elevates "empathatic" judges over judges who seek justice.

Stuff that weakens national security and endangers our men and women in the military not to mention every American citizen at broad or here at home.

Stuff designed to help the Obamorg collective and hurt individual liberty.

Stuff designed to transform America from a bastion of liberty, a shining city on the hill to a dark ghetto of chain gangs.
And no matter what gang you may choose (if you decide to embrace these "burgeois ideals" democrats love so much) make no mistake, you will be wearing chains on that plantation.

I could go on and on with all the stuff these slimy politicians wanna "negotiate" over, but this covers the worst of it.

Do most Americans really want our representatives (and a growing army of non-representatives) negotiating for all this stuff?

Afterall, any sucessful negotiation only helps the democrats fulfill their agenda to do all this stuff to us, rather it be in little chunks or big chunks.

Should we thank politicians who negotiated for less oppression?
Ain't it still oppression?
Don't matter to me if it's to a lesser degree, BS is still BS regardless of the size of the pile our politicians want us to step in.
No thanks, either grow a pair and stand against anything that destroys our liberties or get the hell out.

This is why I want a GOP that not only is a party of "no" but a party of "hell no!"
Ideally I want the Democrats to do that too, but so far the mythical "Blue Dogs" appear to be extinct or retired (where are the Zell Millers?).

Anyway, let's take that further, I want my representatives to go one step further than "no" and also repeal all this crap the demorats have managed to force on us.
Every. Last. Turd!

Forget mad scientists, these politicians who wanna negotiate for this "stuff" are far more mad and far more scary because they wanna take what makes the United States of America unique away from us, and drive us into the bog of eternal stench. Slavery of every stripe stinks to high heaven and that's what this "stuff" is, the chains of slavery.

Oh that may not be their intent, but regardless of how good their intentions are that will be the result if they succeed. Even a novice of history like me can see that clearly.

The democrat agenda (ie the stuff they wanna do to us) is a cancer, a tumor inside our country. A Demotumor.
The bad news is it's growing and without treatment it's terminal.

My friends and fellow patriots, our United States is in great need of Demotherapy.

Yeah, it will hurt but it won't kill us like the Demotumor will, and we'll all feel much better after the treatments are over.
Thing is, it takes all of us to make the treatments work because this Demotumor is a particulary nasty strain.
The truth is like an antidieotic to this evil virus and we must all get innoculated with the truth.

At it's heart the Demotumor is envy. It produces a virulent bitterness in those it infects and a deep, dark hatred for anyone who loves liberty or who has more than they do.

It produces the same jealous mindset Cain had, and we all know how that turned out.

Thankfully, unlike Abel, we can see Cain coming, so we can prepare ourselves accordingly and prevent that ambush.

Our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guard is doin' their jobs, above and beyond the call of duty, to protect and defend our lives, liberties and property from outside cancers such as terrorists and a resurgent communism.

We can honor their sacrifices by having their backs and fightin' the enemies of life n' liberty here at home so that they have a home to come back to.
Certainly that's the very least we can do for our Heroes.

Our men and women of honor don't negotiate with their enemies and neither should we.

Let's all raise a glass in honor of those brave Heroes who loved us and our country so much they died for us and everything America represents.
It need not be alcoholic, it's the thought that counts. Skully can drink enough for all of us combined.

And let's say a prayer for their loved one's, their families and friends and ask God's blessings on them, and on our men and women risking their lives everyday so that we may enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

May we all work to keep America great and exceptional, humbly holding self evident truth's in our hearts and boldly proclaiming the ideals and principles of liberty our Founding Fathers fought and died for, and that our military men and women have fought and died for ever since.

May we honor them and their memories this Memorial Day and every day.

Have a blessed Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

You Shout And No One Seems To Hear

Grueling. It's been a grueling week for me.

I have loaded and unloaded our van twice, taking stuff we no longer need to Visiting Nurses. There was a LOT of yarn since patti can no longer crochet or knit due to carpal tunnel in both hands and arthritis.
I feel bad for her 'cause she really enjoyed makin' baby clothes n' stuff. Unfortunately, surgery to fix the carpal tunnel is at least two or three years away (welcome to socialized healthcare).

Speakin' of healthcare, I got some morphine a few weeks ago. I rarely take pain pills, but sometimes I gotta if I wanna do anything other than lie down in agony and try to focus on good stuff rather than pain, or, if I'm feelin' adventurous, exploring the metaphysics of pain, but that's a post for another time.

Only, there was a slight problem. I failed to count the pills at the VA and soon discovered there was only a weeks supply. Since I signed for them there is no way to prove it.
Agony was delighted to see me after the pills were gone.

This made the past week much more...interesting.

You might say i have been in a state where I let out a "silent scream" but no one hears that scream.
No one but Him, of course.

But what do I say to Him? "Please God, don't hurt me no more?"

Well, it ain't God hurtin' me, I know that much, but I laughed my ass off at the phrase when I read it a long time ago. I dunno where I read it but it stuck with me as funny stuff tends to do.

Lessee, what else did I do? Oh yeah, I helped Patti take all the food off the shelves and move them, followed by cleaning up under and behind them (it wasn't purty I tell you what), and then restocked the shelves minus a few cans of stuff that expired a long time ago.

While I was cleaning I wondered how easy it is to catch hantavirus from mouse turds. It's not the first time I wondered that very question.
Now, I have cleaned up mouse turds before, including several dead mice caught in our mouse traps.
Country livin' practically guarantees you'll get mice unless you live in a hermetically sealed house.

All you can do is try to keep up and kill as many of the little rat bastards as you can. I often think of the slimy politicians we have while performing this task, particularly the scum that our raise taxes and take my liberties away.
Incidently, they love Skippy's peanut butter. The mice, although politicians prolly do too. A dab will do ya.

I also had some garbage to take to the dump, and more this following week since Patti is on a spring cleanin' roll.

Personally, I think spring cleanin' is overrated.
I mean, I don't feel better havin' done all this. Not physically anyway, and I admit that clouds my judgement somewhat.
Yeah. It does.

Sheesh! So what am I blatherin' about?

I'm tryin' to 'splain what I'm talkin' about through my last post and the next. This one too, I reckon, but the last post and next one involves my dreams and my unconcious mind (at least the part I have been in touch with).

Hey, I know I ain't alone and I also know that you guys do hear, and prolly have had yer own silent screams runnin' around in yer noggin's.

I hear ya.

BTW, the movie: Silent Rage, starring Chuck Norris and the late Ron Silver is one of my favorite flicks. If you get a chance you won't be disappointed.
It's a deep but very emtertaining flick IMO and perhaps the best movie Chuck Norris ever starred in.

Every muscle, every nerve I got, it seems, has been screamin'.
Pain is an cruel mistress.
I often reach a point where I think "ENOUGH! I can't take any more!"

I'm certain y'all know what I'm talkin' about here. That's a lonely place to be and quite frankly, it sucks.

But those points can be THE POINT! The point in time where you do a gut check and...hopefully, choose to FIGHT!!!
That's a place beyond endurance, beyond strength, and beyond all that you think you can be.

A place where you BEcome mOre than you are!!!