Thursday, March 27, 2014

Road To Nowhere

First up, This is a good song I think:

Then there is Chicken Fried:

Who doesn't like fried chicken and cold beer?

Finally, I'm not a big Ozzy Osbourne fan but this song in particular is very raccoonish:

Speaking of roads to nowhere, I would liken it to the wilderness or wildersea.

I mean who hasn't found the,selves lost at see in a dinghy wonderin' what the hell is goin' on? Where do I go? How do I navigate? Where am I? Where is I Am?

However, I have come to learn that we need these tests of faith, and humbling experiences (bevause they do makes us either humble or bitter, our choice) and it does condition us, and makes us stronger, vertically speaking.
And ain't that the point? To transcend ourselves? Adapt and overcome all obstacles and challenges? To fight for our liberties, 'cause our free choices are slackrosanct.
We need our slack.

Gagdad Bob over at One Cosmos says it so much better and anyone that wants to grow vertically can get a lot of food for thought there. And a good dose of humor as well.