Monday, March 12, 2012

Like Dial Up In A Bullet That's Just Been Fired

Finally got DSL 1.5! Hurray! (Canned applause for the hearing impaired or for those who don't know that's a cue to applaud). Super duper fast. Faster than thought. Well, my thought anyways. And really, that's as fast as it needs to be.

Now if only there was a feature to do away with the typing part...and a mental projection thingy or E-SP for short. Might not want that to include pictures though.

"Hey guys! Here's my latest nightmare."

"Wait, where did everyone go?"

"Okay, I admit it's actually worse than Helen Thomas, Roseanne, Nancy Pelosi and Michael Moore combined but that's why they call it a nightmare."


But other than that it would be nice. Plus, I could say stuff without talking.

Thought quotes:

No, I can't talk right now my wife is throwing stuff at me.

Sorry, my mind is just not into it today (or any other day you, did I just think that out loud?).

It's not you, it's my mind.

Damn, my wife says we need more alone time (meaning: turn the computer off and watch this stupid movie).

End thought quotes.

Anyways, I admit there could be a few kinks to work out but it would still be nifty. I said kinks without the y! No, I'm not being defensive! Do you kiss your mother with those thoughts?

I said end thought quotes! Ahem.

Does that mean I'll blog more and comment more at your blogs and stuff?
Unfortunately for you guys, aye, that I will. :^)