Friday, November 21, 2014

Dog Roll-Foo

A not very long time ago, in a living room far, far away, or close by, depending on where you are located, Little Miss noticed a disturbance in the force.

I knew it, she thought, it's Mothra! I must warn Obi-Ben Obi!

I wonder what obi means, Skully, Little Miss's big brother from another mother thought.

"Bark bark, growl, bark!" Little Miss said.

"What is it girl? Did Timmy fall in the well again?" I asked.

Who in the hell is this Timmy he keeps going on about? Little Miss wondered. And what's a well?

"Bark roof! Bark! Grrr!" Little Miss explained.

I looked to where she was looking and a giant moth was flying around, it's wings battering the air with such force it almost blew me over.

Damn, that's a huge moth," I exclaimed. "Get it girl!"

Little Miss sprang into action. She jumped and jumped, barking at Mothra the entire time. Skully joined in occasionally, but soon got bored and decided to watch the show instead.

Mothra charged Little Miss, which was a tactical error because Little Miss caught one of it's wings and brought it down.
A wild battle ensued. But Mothra was no match for the dog roll-foo that Little Miss had perfected.
Dog Roll-Foo, caught on film!

More Dog Roll-Foo. Just in case.

After capturing Little Miss's Dog Roll-Foo technique on my phone, I went to get get Mothra before Little Miss ground it into the rug.
Seeing me approach, Little Miss quickly ate Mothra.

"Okay, that will work too," I said. "Good girl! You saved the dojo!"

I wonder what a dojo is? Skully wondered before Little Miss, amped up from the battle with Mothra decided to play dogs of war with Skully.
What the? Skully thought. Why you little...

And it was on. Until Skully got bored and played dead.
When that didn't work he hid behind me and pleaded, with puppy dog eyes for me to make Little Miss stop.

That's Skully's secret power, puppy dog eyes.

So I created a diversion with the one thing that could stop Little Miss. Her one weakness. Her kryptonite.

"Who wants a snack?" I asked.

Little Miss is no match for snack-foo.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dreams Come True

Recently I found out the results of Patti's blood test. According to the results the cause of death was heart failure due to a combination of heart disease and high blood pressure and diabetes. I had to look it up except for the diabetes because it was in medical language.

Patti was being seen for all three conditions but there was no indication death was imminent. She was in the early stages of heart disease and was taking meds to control the high blood pressure and taking insulin to control her blood sugar.
She had a good doctor and saw several specialists the last few years so I doubt they missed anything.

It was her time to go be with God.

I am grateful to know what caused Patti to pass on. The physical aspect that is. I was resigned to the fact that I may never know, because that does happen. Still, it's a relief to know and I thank God.

I have had several dreams in which Patti has appeared. Some are even comical in a sense, because in the dreams I am wondering how to tell her she had died without appearing insane because it seems she doesn't know she died and she acts as if nothing had happened.
The first thing she mentions is what a mess the house is.

I mean, it's pretty much clean, and I keep up with washing the dishes and doing laundry (most the time), but it is cluttered. And I tend to procrastinate a lot, although I finally got the truck winter ready. I needed new brakes, a tuneup and an oil change. Thankfully, the tires are still good.

So anyways I'm trying' to find the right time in the dreams to tell Patti the news as she lectures me about keeping the house as ship shape as she did which causes me to smile.
Then she asks me what is so funny and I'm at a loss for words.

If I tell her she died will it hurt her feelings?

Now I'm thinking maybe I'm procrastinating on purpose. My subconscious that is, so I'll see her more.
Except now I consciously know.
But yeah, I'll still keep doin' it if it means Patti will show up in my dreams.