Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well, I'm not even sure what I'm gonna write about so I'll jest go with a freeforall stream of whatever comes to mind...or mindlessness.

Firstly, I'm sorry 'bout complaining 'bout pain and ailments n' stuff. Seems I've forgotten to buck up, grit my teeth, er, gums and carry on my wayward son...that is, fullfill my destiny.

Destiny...hmmm...yeah. Been derelect in my duties. It's easy to do that no matter what yer goin' through in life. Pain, sickness, diseases, cancer, depression, etc., etc....there ain't no shortage of distractions out there...or inside.

Don't get me wrong, I may still write about that stuff, but only in the context of perservering in spite of it.

Ain't got no energy? Well shit, bite the bullet already and fight, dammit!
Pain got you down? i hear you, brothers n' sisters. But pain lets us know we're still aLive! It should be a reminder to me to keep on keepin' on, you know? Can I get an amon?

And depression, anxiety, agitation, yadda yadda. The damn Blues. Sing it my friends. The Blues are meant to be sung...then hung out to dry. Am I makin' sense hear?
Nobody's leavin' this place without singin' the Blues! So crack open a beer with me, sing with me, and please remind me that there's life after the Blues.
Oddly enough, just singin' the Blues is good therapy but it's only a start. Gotta keep on truckin', or sailin'...right? Is this thing on? Are you hearin' me?
Oh great, looks like youtube ain't allowin' embeds anymore. Or at least I couldn't find any after several tries. Whatever. The link is worth a click at any rate.

So what now? AmI gonna promise (again) to write my stories? Nope. I hope I do though.
Hell, sometims I don't know what's wrong with me...but that's a lie, 'cuz I do gno. I really do.

I can't do it.

Time Don't Pass By Here No More

Yes I can.

No, I can't. Ain't got the energy. I'm so tired, you know? Sometimes I can see the reaper, waitin' like a buzzard for me to die.

Shut the hell up! Can't you see? Yer stronger when yer weak you dumbass! You know that!

Yeah. I do. Can't argue with that.

Past time to fight back. I ain't no goddamn victim hopin' to die! If I wanna live i gotta choose to live life more abundantly.

Yeah. And you know what? I ain't alone. Thank you my friends for remindin' me of that. :^)


Pass through fire without blinkin'...