Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Breaking Point

I kinda feel like a wuss, but the pain from these gallstones has reached new heights so I'm headin' for the Madigan E.R..
Seems like
I used to tolerate pain better. Then again, maybe this is a sign. At any rate I ain't gonna take any chances.
Don't wanna get gallstoned outta my gourd.

I'm takin' my AyePad with me, so hopefully I can stay in touch from the hospital. I jest hope they don't screw up and amputate my legs or arms. Or worse.
If for some reason I don't make it I want you guys to know it's been an honor to know you and to be accepted as a Raccoon, and
i'll see you on the other side.
Chances are it will be okay, but you know what they say about chances: leave nothin' to it. So I won't.

Um, sorry to get all maudlin on you. I trust in God, so whatever happens will be okay.