Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Haven't Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

Out of the blue my lovely wife uttered the title of this post.

Not only did I crack up laughing at it, but it seems to me there's a deep spiritual meaning in that phrase.

If not there should be.

Because I certainly feel that way at times. Can I get an Amen or a witless?

These are the sort of revelations I often get. Not that I always get the message. No, far from it. So I'll get remedial revelations because I tend to be...dense at times.

BTW, "remedial revelations" would be an excellent name for a band. So would "I haven't fallen and I can't get up!"

Where was I? You see, this is precisely why I need remedial revelations. But they are still refreshing and new everytime I receive them.
So not getting it all the time can be a blessing.

Then again, I believe it's humbling to know I don't get it all the time (indeed, as my Grandpa used to tell me, "Ben, the older you get the more you realize just how much you don't know.")

However, I Am getting it more.

Every once in awhile a revelation, or part of one sticks and the old lighthouse in my mind goes on and I actually learn something and integrate it within myself.
Not to try to contain it but to allow it to contain me.

When I haven't fallen and can't get up (and vice versa...I think...no wait...) remedial revelations gives me a hand up.
It's part of His grace.

Off topic, we had a flood here yesterday, but thank God the water didn't get in our home.
To say the least, I was more tense abvout it this time then I was during the big one 5 years ago. Then I remembered (again) to do what I can and trust God for the rest.
Gave me peace of mind at least and that also is a blessing. :^)