Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today On "As The VA Turns"

Saw Doc yesterday and after a blood test he determined I don't have any major problems with my pancreas, and also ruled out ulcers. I was supposed to get an x-ray too but I thought Doc meant later and not yesterday. Turns out I'll most likely not be needing them anyways.
I'll get more tests if it happens again, but it looks like these symptoms were probably some rare side effects of the meds I take.

Although it's nice to know exactly why this happened, I have learned to deal with not knowing a lot of exactly why's irt my life in general and this disease in particular. Needless to say, I got the point and it was a good draw.
I reckon can live with that...ha ha!

Thanks for your prayers, guys! I do know this: they are of more help than I can ever fully realize! God bless you all! :^)


jwm said...

I'm glad to hear, Ben. This small network of on-line family has become a powerful conduit for Grace. Truly it is something miraculous. There is more going on here than short bursts of electrical energy charging through the wires and through the air. You're in my prayers, Ben. Be well.

John M

f/zero said...

I could tell you hang in there Ben but I know you do that better than anyone anyway. So maybe - cliffhang in there instead.

And as for prayer, it's the best healthcare system in the universe and it's free and available always. It's so weird that not many sign up for it.

The docs my wife works for take a lot of noon patients now too, squeezing them in between the red tape. To them, nooners don't mean the same thing they used to.