Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anti-Real, Or, Just Plain Idiotic

"The fact is, any variety of philosophical materialism is not just an attack on religion, but on real science as well. And it is anti-science because it simply isn't true. If science is more than just an impersonal method for putting nature on the rack and getting her to talk, then this sort of naive reductionism must be abandoned."

And keeping with that fantastic quote from Gagdad Bob, I would like to redirect your attention to socialized healthcare and the anti-liberty sheeple who are tryin' to make it happen.
I contend that socialized healthcare (or "free" as some would put it, and by "free" they really mean at the price of your liberty and health) IS anti-science and anti-religion, not to mention anti-American, and anti-liberty.

Case in point, and this is butt one among many many:

This excerpt is taken from my last few comments of the previous post:

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could include me in your prayers.
I think I may have ulcers (and hopefully not something worse).

At least it appears that way based on my symptoms the last three days.
Heck, it could be a lot of different things, so I'm just guessin'.
(Skully is layin' out the odds and taking bets if you're so inclined). :^)

Plus, it's kinda painful...okay, it hurts like the dickens, and it's really cramping my style and cuttin' into my slack.

I'll know more after I see Doc.
Thanks! :^)

February 18, 2010 2:20 AM

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...
I got an e-mail from Doc, and he can fit me in at noon tomorrow.
The reason it is so soon? Because, and Doc didn't tell me this, he's seeing me during his lunch time.

THIS is what socialized healthcare FORCES good Doc's to do.
And it pisses me off, because he is forced to give up his lunch hour to help me.

All because Congress won't support the VA with what it needs. Something the private, free enterprise sector can do much more efficiently than govt. could ever do.

I hope someday that happens. In the meantime, I can't thank folks like Doc enough for the sacrifices they make to help our warriors by any means they possibly can.

For the misguided sheeple who want "free" healthcare I can only say they are not only clueless, they are committing cluelesside. (HT: Gagdad Bob for that superbly accurate terminology).

When idiots talk about how great socialized healthcare is, I can only surmise they never talked to a veteran or their family who need to use it.

The ONLY reason it works to any extent is because of patriots like Doc who sacrifice their own time (and meals).
And they shouldn't have to.

But these idiots won't let reality cloud their views."

Indeed, they sure won't. And this is butt one reason among more than I can count of why it's bullsh*t to think that any leftist really supports our troops, because if they believe this BS, and they MUST if they are leftists, then it's impossible to really support our troops, because bein' anti-reality is inherently anti-Hero!!!

And for any leftists who might argue against that reality, don't effin talk to me about nuance or gray area's, because if you doo, yer jest talkin' outta yer ass, which defines you, precisely.

You lefties are free to call me a liar, of course, butt you don't live with this sh*t, so please, next time you feel righteous or like you are some kinda moral authority, please! Stuff it up yer very large a-hole...sideways. With my compliments!

'Cause you know what? Yer credibility, as if you ever had it, is shot to hell, so STFU n' get a clue. It just might save yer miserable life, and thank God for that!
What? Too proud to humble yerself? Butt don't you pride yerself on yer (allegedly) empathy?

I sense a short circuit comin' on among some of the more honest lefties. Embrace it...embrace Reality...then we can talk. 'Cause then I'll gno you really are beginnin' to begin some empathy for our gno...those guys n' gals who actually defend our liberties...yer liberties.

Let me tell ya, it ain't free, bub. So wake up n' smell the posers. We are quick to forgive and welcome all true patriots.

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