Monday, July 20, 2015

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Update


Tomorrow, I'm gonna go horseback ridin'. I had to book this two months ago. Apparently, lots of people go ridin' in the summer.

I love riding horses, and I like horses, so I figured hey, why not?
Back when I was a boy, I used to ride a lot. I had a friend who's dad owned a ranch and I rode every time I visited him. Plus, my step dad at the time, owned 5 acres and a few people he knew would pay him to keep afew of their horses at our place because we had some grazing land and a barn (that my grandpa built. He owned the place before my stepdad #2 bought it).

So I rode those horses too. I also took care of them, feeding, watering, brushing them, and washing them in the summer, occasionally. Plus, shovelling poop out of the barn and keeping it maintained and clean. I didn't mind the extra work because like I said, I like horses.

Here's the link of some pics of where I may be riding:

Should be fun. I'm gonna take a bunch of anti-poop pills so there ain't no chance of any accidents, I hope. I know, TMI probably, lol.
I'll try to take a bunch of pictures if you guys are interested.

Update: Well shoot, the guy who owns the horse ridin' business just called me and he has to cancel tomorrows rides. His truck is broke and the mechanics haven't figured out what is wrong with it.
At any rate, it will be another two or. three months until I can schedule a new day to ride.

That's the way it goes sometimes. I need some rancher friends.


John Lien said...

Heck, if you ever come east to central VA you can stop by our place and take Lady for a ride. The kid don't ride her no mo' and, well, she's my pet now. I never thought much of horses, kind of scary, but now that I know she won't flatten me like a pancake, I've grown quite fond of Lady.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks, John.
That is very kind of you, my friend. I'm glad Lady comvinced you horses are fine animals. Good thing you didn't get an ornery horse.
How long have you had her?

John Lien said...

Oh, the time is flying by so fast. 10+ years?

julie said...

If you're ever in Florida, there's a park right by my house where they have horses and trail riding every weekend. We're in ranch country here :)

mushroom said...

I'm surrounded by horses. I've never asked about riding them, but I'm sure I could make arrangements with Freddie -- he was (maybe still is) a team roper.

I grew up riding. We rode for fun, but we also used them to move and work our beef cattle. I have room here, but I don't keep a horse myself anymore because of the time and expense. I do kind of wish I could give the grandkids some of the good experiences I had riding the range and acting strange.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks Julie,
Ranch country sure beats the city living. :)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks Dwaine,
I concur, horses are expensive and require a lot of maintenance and care. That would be great to share this experience with the grandkids.
I know it's definitely one of the best memories of my childhood, and along with the fun it instills a sense of responsibility.