Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ignore This Safety Recall For Now

So I got this safetyrecall notice for my 2004 Dodge Durango. Apparently, the driver's airbag doesn't always work right, particularly if the humidity is high.

However, after telling me this the letter goes on to say: don't bring your truck in for an inspection to see if it needs fixing, because we don't have the parts to fix it at this time. We will let you know when the parts become available.

Oh really? How nice of you to do that. Thanks for the warning.

I told Patti we should've gotten a Ford but she liked the way the Durango looks. And it does look okay, but it's made by Dodge Chrysler. Ugh.

Oh well. My next truck will be a Ford, unless they become as stupid as Chrysler or GM.


julie said...

That was an issue for one of our Hondas, too. Actually, for a lot of different brands, because the airbags are made by a different company than the car manufacturers. We were able to have ours replaced, though.

Airbags: 99 parts part life-saving device, one part nightmare jack-in-the-box.

mushroom said...

I've never been a Dodge/Chrysler guy, but there is no denying they come up with great-looking designs. Vickie would always want to test drive Dodge trucks only to conclude they were "too noisy".

I've been hit in the face with an airbag. I guess it's better than being impaled on a steering column. On the other hand, when you end up hanging upside down by your seatbelt, buckling up seems like a pretty good idea.

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USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Julie,
I didn't know that. I reckon I should be glad that's all that may be wrong, considering some of the recalls I have tead about. Good to know that it wasn't a Dodge mistake, although I don't like buying from a car company that was bailed out by tax dollars, which is the main reason this will be the last GM/Chrysler vehicle I will ever own.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Mush,
I have never had an airbag deploy on me. Even when I hit a deer in the last car that got totalled by the flood in '07. Incidently, I still get recall notices on that car even though I told them twice I no longer get it. Apparently, it was prone to engine fires so maybe it's a good thing I lost it in the flood.

John Lien said...

Always been a fan of Ford trucks. I'd recommend getting one from the 60s or earlier.

I hate what has become of cars. Just ugly, flimsy appliances on wheels that don't let you do this or that and rat you out when you try to and go POOF! in your face when you run over a squirrel.

I am no longer of this age. I want to drive the trucks that Aragorn and Théoden drove across middle earth. I bet their trucks didn't have no pesky airbags and computers.


julie said...

That would be awesome.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi John,
I sure wouldn't mind owning a classic Ford, like Aragorn had. Squirrels lived in fear during those days. :)