Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dreams Come True

Recently I found out the results of Patti's blood test. According to the results the cause of death was heart failure due to a combination of heart disease and high blood pressure and diabetes. I had to look it up except for the diabetes because it was in medical language.

Patti was being seen for all three conditions but there was no indication death was imminent. She was in the early stages of heart disease and was taking meds to control the high blood pressure and taking insulin to control her blood sugar.
She had a good doctor and saw several specialists the last few years so I doubt they missed anything.

It was her time to go be with God.

I am grateful to know what caused Patti to pass on. The physical aspect that is. I was resigned to the fact that I may never know, because that does happen. Still, it's a relief to know and I thank God.

I have had several dreams in which Patti has appeared. Some are even comical in a sense, because in the dreams I am wondering how to tell her she had died without appearing insane because it seems she doesn't know she died and she acts as if nothing had happened.
The first thing she mentions is what a mess the house is.

I mean, it's pretty much clean, and I keep up with washing the dishes and doing laundry (most the time), but it is cluttered. And I tend to procrastinate a lot, although I finally got the truck winter ready. I needed new brakes, a tuneup and an oil change. Thankfully, the tires are still good.

So anyways I'm trying' to find the right time in the dreams to tell Patti the news as she lectures me about keeping the house as ship shape as she did which causes me to smile.
Then she asks me what is so funny and I'm at a loss for words.

If I tell her she died will it hurt her feelings?

Now I'm thinking maybe I'm procrastinating on purpose. My subconscious that is, so I'll see her more.
Except now I consciously know.
But yeah, I'll still keep doin' it if it means Patti will show up in my dreams.


mushroom said...

As I've probably said before, I do not agree with those who say that death ends a person's awareness of events on earth. Certainly they see things from a vastly different perspective. But we're all, living or dead, in Christ. If Jesus knows what's going on here, why wouldn't everybody?

The connection between you and Patti remains. Dreams are a good place to meet. It's a gift.

John Lien said...

That's good to know. I've been wondering if you would find out.

Can't add any words of advice or wisdom. All I can do is just sit with you at the virtual kitchen table and drink some virtual coffee. Hey, since it's virtual, pass the virtual sugar please.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Mushroom,

I cooncur with you. This is a precious gift and one that I cherish.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hiya John,

Since it's virtual I think I'll make mine an Irish coffee.

Skully said...

I'll add a wee bit o' java to my whiskey.

julie said...

Pass the coffee please, John.

And Mush, I quite agree.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Julie,
Aye, nothin' like a good cup of joe on a cold day.
I lost my internet on Friday because when my neighbor, Terry had Internet line put into his house the guy accidentally cut my internet line in the ground.

Today, a different guy came out to fix it. Fortunately, he knew what he was doin. :)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Say, what did you guys think of the song. It really hit home for me. The song itself is a transcendental expected experience. :)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well at least tell Patti hello from all of us. We miss her, too, Ben.

*mwuah* (((hugs)))

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Joan,
I will do that. Thank you so much. (((Hugs)))

Leslie Godwin said...

I had the same type of dreams after my sister passed. I think Bob did, too, after his dad died.

Thank you for posting about it.
Are your daughters going to spend Christmas with you?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks for sharing that, Leslie.
No, the girls couldn't make it this year, however I will see Amber in Feb. when she attends a martial arts seminar. :)