Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nail Call

After a record breaking snow storm, followed by ice and high winds (which have continued) and repeated power outages it was time for me to make a Walmart run.

As I pulled into Wallys I mentally growled.


Skully, my faithful sidekick raised his head and looked at me quizzically.

"Just thinking out loud boy," I said, looking for a parking place that was closer than Tim Tebow's 80 yard touchdown pass that defeated the Steelers in OT (ha!).

Not that I'm agin walkin' you understand, but the peripheral neuropathy in my feet has reached a milestone in pain and sustained pain categories and walking seems to aggravate it.
Plus, I like pulling within range of the cameras (close enough for store security to act) in case anyone tries to steal Skully who would probably go quietly if any potential thieves offered a quality meat product or a burger from McDonalds.

Thankfully, I didn't have long to look as someone pulled out just as I was trying another lane near the store.

After assuring Skully that I would, indeed return and wasn't abandoning him I hobbled to the store tryin' not to wince at the melee happenning in my feet between two gangs of cats...with flamethrowers.

"Awooooooo!" Skully lamented in his sadest howl yet.

Don't turn around, you'll just encourage him, I thought.


Did I mention that Skully has abandonment issues despite the fact that I never have abandoned him? Yet.


Skully has the amazing ability to change up his howls which can sound quite comical at times and yet, still forlorn at the same time.
Incidently, this is yet another reason I try to find a fairly close parking space.

As I entered the store I growled again under my breath, "grr."

It looked like the day after Thansgiving/Christmas sale crowd but worse.
Nothin' like power outages to get folks into Walmart for some panic shoppin'.
I wasn't here for any emergency supplies, being prepared and all. Just low on a few things that we didn't really need and nails.

What? Nails? I read the list again. Nails- One and 1/4 inch- Brad.

Who the hell is Brad? Oh she must mean the brand. Some guy named Brad does fake nails? I wondered. Whatever.

I decided to get the nails first, since it was in the section of the store I really try to avoid at all costs.
The female section. One of the female sections to be more precise.
The sooner I got it over with the better.

It took me awhile but I finally found the fake nail section. There were nails everywhere.
Too many nails. French nails (wheres the damn American nails?), couture nails, designer nails, toe nails (ugh), goth nails (I don't get it).
The nails went on forever it seemed.

Okay, take a deep breath, time to regroup, I thought. I'll simply narrow the search down by looking for one and 1/4 inch...which seems rather long, and Brad.

Several minutes later...

This is taking forever. Why do they print everything so small on these things? I wondered, taking my glasses off (I opted not to take the bi focals (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Now I'm in my furtive glancing mode. Because I don't belong here. No man belong here.

Fine, I'll just look for Brad first, I thought.

Longest minutes Brad.

Okay, one and 1/4 inch then.

This is odd, I don't recal Patti ever having nails that long. And she has never asked me to look for fake nails before.
The female unmentionables yes (what a nightmare!), but not nails. She never wore them except for a few times that I recall in our 30 plus years of marriage.

Maybe it's a metaphor, I pondered. But a metaphor for what? Getting her claws out? Was that it? Is she sending me a message? Have I pissed her off lately?
Eh, maybe it's nothin'.

Or maybe it's not.

This is stupid, I thought, dialing Patti on my cell phone.

One ringy dingy...busy signal. I try again. One ringy dingy...busy signal.

"Grr!" I hate Sprint! I shouted, hopefully in my mind.

I walked around and tried again, repeatedly, with the same results.

Stupid, no good, #^%$&**@ phone!

Then my phone rang. It was Patti.

"Hello?" I answered in my best Inspector Clouseau voice.

"Hey handsome, you at Walmart yet?"

"Aye. Got here awhile ago. About the..." I replied.

"Can you add chex mix to the list, the blue bag, and see if they have any sun dried tomatoes and..." Patti said.

"Roger wilco. About those..."

"Oh, and let me know when you get near the yarn section because I want you to find, just a minute that's my sister calling. Call me back when you get there," she said.

"Wait! Don't hang up! The nails!" I answered, but it was too late.

Crap. And they say men don't listen.

I tried my luck again at the nail section hoping I would stumble upon the ones she wanted.

Why does she always include something that's hard to find? I wondered, not for the first time. Why?

I waited five minutes and called Patti back.

One ringy dingy...busy signal. "Arrgh!" I said.

Oh crap, did I say that out loud? Women were staring at me. Or at least it seemed like they were staring at me, with a look that said "you don't belong here."

I tried to look like I wasn't shopping for nails for me and I wouldn't be here if my wife hadn't sent me. Really. But that's difficult to say with a look.

Every lady I saw seemed to express outrage and disdain at my unwanted presence in the nail section so I left. I abandoned my search.

I tried Patti again as I walked towards the chex mix section.

One ringy dingy...two ringy dingy! (yay! It's working! Three ringy dingy...busy signal.

I hate you Sprint. Assholes.

Then my phone rang. Patti!

"Hey Babe!" I replied.

"Why didn't you call me back?" Patti asked.

"I tried! Several times!" I replied.

"Well, my phone didn't ring," she said.

"It's Sprint's fault!" I replied defensively.

"I never have a problem with reception," Patti said.

"Maybe they like you," I answered cooly.

"Well, sometimes I do I suppose. Are you near the yarn?" She asked.

"Wait! About the nails!" I replied.


"I can't find the Brad brand. And are you sure you want one and 1/4 inch?" I asked.

"Yes, I wrote it down on the list. That brand was there last time I got nails," Patti said.

I took a deep breath.

"They ain't here now," I replied through clenched gums (I'm supposed to get teeth in a few months so I'll be able to clench them. Hurray!).

"See if you can find someone to help you," Patti offered.

Yeah right, in this crowd? I thought.

"Okay, I'm looking," I replied.

"Call me back when you..." Patti began.

"No! Don't hang up! I might not reach you again. Stay on the line! Are you there? Hello?" I replied, panicky.

"I'm here," Patti said, laughing.

Yeah, real funny. Hardy har har, I thought.

"look, I don't see a Wally employee anywhere. Let me go back to the nail section and I'll give you some brand names and stuff," I replied.

"Okay, but no longer than one and 1/4 inches because I don't want to crack the frames," Patti said.

What? What's she talking about? I wondered as I made my way to the nail section.
They have nails longer than one and a quarter inches?

"Alright," I replied, intent on getting to the nail section through the thick crowd.

Thicker than Denoson's chili, I mused. With beans.

"Also, don't get any nails with a big head. Only the small heads," Patti continued.

I froze and almost got kneed by a little old lady driving one of those go cart carts.
She glared at me like I was an idiot as she swerved around me.

"Ha ha ha ha!" I laughed.

"What's so funny?" Patti asked.

"Ha ha! You mean nail nails, right? The kind you hammer? Ha ha haaa hee hee haw!" I replied, trying to talk over my laughing.

The crowd avoided me, no doubt concluding I was insane.

"Yes! Nail nails, ha ha ha! You thought I meant fake nails? Ha ha!" Patti answered.

"Yeah. I can't believe I didn't make the connection earlier, ha ha!"

"I never get fake nails," Patti said.

"I know. I thought that was odd. Do they even make them that long?" I asked.

"Maybe," Patti replied, snickering. "You're like Clouseau. Something weird always happens to you, ha ha!"

"Yeah, tell me about it. It would be odd if nothin' did happen out of the ordinary," I said.

"That's because you're an extraordinary guy," Patti said.

"Aw shucks," I replied. It felt like my face was turning red.

"Are you blushing?" Patti asked.

"No. I don't know, there's no mirrors around here," I quipped.

"You're a funny guy," she said.

"Can I forgo the yarn section then?" I asked.

Eventually, I got everything, and thankfully, I only spent around 15 minutes in line.
As I approached our van I could see Skully jumping up and down excitedly.

"Good to see you too boy," I said as I opened the door.
"Let's get the hell outta here! What do you say? Wanna listen to some Molly Hatchet?"

Skully likes Molly Hatchet. He has good taste in music.


julie said...

Ha! Now that's funny.

robinstarfish said...

You nailed that one. Just sayin'.

Rick said...

They never seem to run out of ideas for improving the cell phone except for the "make a decent phone call" part. That they seem to have given up on.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks Julie!

There's soitenly plenty of comedy in my life. Nyuk nyuk!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Don!

Well, when life hands you nails...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Yo, Rick!

Ain't that the truth. Plus, they make the dang things way too small.

Which is cool for carrying but not cool for talkin'.
They should design 'em like telescopes that pull out into a circa 70's style phone that actually reaches the ear and mouth and feels comfortable.

A man phone. They would sell like hotcakes I think.

John Lien said...

That was funny. (Brad's Nails does sound a bit swishy. That should have tipped you off but then there would be no story.)

As for man phones, I got a Motorola Quantico about 6 months ago. It is pretty sturdily built and seems to be holding up to that extreme environment known as my front pocket.

Bob said...

Patti's right: you are a funny guy. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for writing it.

mushroom said...

I enjoyed that one. I think Brad's Rad Nails would sell very well.

As to large cell phones, I got a Samsung Rugby II which is supposed to be mil-spec, or, as my nephew's buddy said, "Is that one a'them GI Joe phones?"

With the cover and the belt clip it has handled all the nasty stuff I've thrown at it so far, though I haven't yet fallen in the pond with it like I did with my pager.

AndrewPrice said...

"No man belongs here" -- LOL! Bravo!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi John!

Aye, that should've been the clue I glomed onto first. I used to think I would make a decent detective but there's no evidence supporting that.

Oddly enough my cell phone works better out here in the sticks than it does in town. Ever since the flood of 2007 they put a cell tower out here and I haven't had a problem with it.

But in town it's a crap shoot and the odds are always in favor of the House even when I bet on black. :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hey Mushroom!

Thanks! Milspec you say? Like those SEAL team earpiece thingies? That would be cool. I could put on face camo and wear Walmart cammi's (you know, to blend in) to complete the outfit!

When you do fall in a pond again will you let me know if it keeps working? Thanks pal. :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Bob!

Thank you! It's also a great defense mechanism. Although it can exacer...execerb...make things worse sometimes (too lazy to do a spell check right now).

But in an entertaining manner I might add (warning: not always healthy around dishware throwers. If you find yourself on the receiving end of this side effect discontinue use immediately and contact a professional comedian).

PS- If you're from the law offices of Sharky, Sharkey and Sharkee and you are reading this I do have a license so quit harassing me!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Andrew!

Thanks! Check out one of my three hour tours sometime. A three hour this thing on? Hello?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Anyone else have trouble getting into Blogger this last weekend?

Anyone without a restraining order? Not that I have one, mind you but if I did have one of those "to cease and desist, blah blah and make no contact with Blogger, blah blah" legal doodads that might explain it.

Blogger doesn't get humor (it was a joke guys)(honest!).

Yakov said...

In Russia the Comments write you.