Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doctor Doctor Noir

Act 11: Hannatized Bedside Manners

I woke up and Hanna was still sitting by me. I tried to move but I was still paralyzed.

"How long until this wears off?" I asked.

"Oh, your awake! How do you feel?" Hanna asked, checking my heart with her stethoscope.

"Okay, I guess. Except I can't move," I said.

"Well, your heart sounds good. You only slept for about an hour. I'll go ask Gramps about the paralysis," Hanna said, jumping to her feet.

"Wait!" I exclaimed. "I'd rather you stay. Just in case there are more scorpions, snakes or who knows what else is crawlin' around here."

"Right, no problem, Mack," Hanna replied, sitting back down. "Gramps is eating right now. Annie has to stay in the kitchen until he is finished so she can serve him seconds if need be and refill his tea. I think that's a rule Gramps made up so he could eat dinner with her, if you ask me," she said, smiling.

"I'm not surprised," I said, chuckling. "Although he's a hermit, I'm sure he must get lonely."

"Yes, much like you, right Mack? You can only be alone so long, and you aren't a hermit, are you?" Hanna asked, stroking my forehead.

"Um...well,, I reckon I ain't," I replied, nervously.

"But you have your reasons, I know. Still, a guy like you..," she said, trailing off and kissing me.

Since the only thing I can move is my lips, I can't very well push her away, now can I? I thought. Besides, she knows I don't love her, I reasoned as the kiss continued.
Funny thing about kisses, they can...change...your perspective. And turn your mind into a omelet. A bacon and cheddar cheese omelet with fresh chives, mushrooms and a light sprinkle of garlic.

As Hanna continued to kiss me, things...started heating up. Those things heated up more as her hand slid down my body. Apparently, there was one other spot, besides my lips and eyelids that wasn't paralyzed. Hanna smiled as she touched...the three amigos.

"Umph." I said, as Hanna continued her long, and very hot kiss. Translated, that would be "wait," but there certainly was a disconnect between my brain and the three amigos. To be completely honest, I wasn't sure I would have pushed her away at this point, even if I hadn't been mostly paralyzed.

Hanna deftly undid my belt buckle, and I felt a shiver of fear and excitement. Fear that we would be caught, and the subsequent fear that Akira would kill me, not to mention how Annie and Sensei would react. But at the same time I grew more excited nevertheless...or allthemore, I reckon you can say.

What in the hell is wrong with me? I wondered, before the three amigos beat the question into submission. Self control was nowhere to be found, and the three amigos couldn't be more happy. Good sense was also out to lunch, as Hanna undid her own pants.

Now, I could say I had only awoke minutes earlier, and that this affected my self control and good sense, such as it was, but that was no excuse for what happened next. Neither was the fact that I was mostly paralyzed.

I can say Hanna seduced me, I thought, as fear almost...almost put a damper on the three amigos, but they would have none of that. No, excitement was their game, and they were only too happy to oblige. Controlled fear actually fed my excitement and desire.

I was very disappointed with myself, on some level...deep inside. I could've shouted, but I didn't. I could've protested more. But I didn't. And now, it was too late as Hanna moaned softly, which made me burn with desire.

It had been three years since my wife had been killed, so within ten minutes it was over. Hanna gasped as I exploded and shook, visibly tryin' to supress her moaning, which mingled with mine. She collasped on top of me, and held me, kissing me often.

Along with the intense pleasure, I felt guilt circling on the periphery of my thoughts like a hungry lion, waiting to pounce on it's prey. But I soon managed to banish that thought. Or so I thought.

"I love you, Mack," Hanna whispered, kissing me again.

"Hanna, are...incredible," I said, as she finally disengaged, pulling her pants up and redressing me. The three amigos were ready to go another round, and that didn't escape Hanna's notice.

"Later," she whispered, smiling and kissing me tenderly, again.

I heard a noise by the door and my heart skipped. Who? Hanna looked in the direction of the door and I tried to read her eyes, but they didn't change.

"Did you hear something?" I asked.

"Yes, hold on a minute," she said, getting up and walking to the doorway, looking to her right and left. Then she returned, kneeling down and kissing me again. "Don't worry, there's no one there," Hanna said.

But I felt uneasy. I was certain someone had been there. I sensed it. Did they see us? Did they know? Why should I care? I was a widower, and I was single. But I didn't feel any better just the same.

Oh God...I just cheated on my wife! I thought. No, she wouldn't expect me to be alone. No, but still...and Hanna is at least twenty years younger than me! I scolded myself. Fool! I'm such a fool!
Is it possible to love Hanna, given our age difference? I wondered. Were all these negative feelings I had legitimate or hang-ups? What about Annie?

"Hey, it's okay," Hanna whispered, stroking my troubled brow. "It's okay, Mack. I'll take good care of you."

I pushed all those questions and more back beneath the surface of my thoughts and smiled at Hanna. It was all too much to think about at the moment, so I chose not to.
Instead I tried to enjoy the moment.

"What do you think is wrong? Why am I still paralyzed...mostly? I asked.

"I don't know, mack, but I'll find out when Gramps returns," Hanna said, kissing me again.

All these kisses made it easier not to worry. I'm sure that antidote will work...any minute, I thought. Any minute.

"You were just, wow!" Hanna giggled, kissing me. She literally glowed and was so vibrant and happy.

"So were you, Hanna. You are amazing!" I said, getting lost in the moment, and remembering...savoring each moment we had spent together.

"Do you feel any pain?" Hanna asked.

"No, none at all," I said, smiling. Could I love Hanna completely?

"Good. I'm so glad you are not going to die," she said, kissing me intimately. "I was so scared," she continued, tears forming in her eyes.

"Hey now, I'm gonna be fine," I said, wishing I could wipe her tears away and hold her.

Sensei entered and Hanna sat up straight. He waked over and looked at me, and his brows furrowed. He looked at Hanna and his eyes furrowed more.

"Why Hanna, you are glowing," Sensei said, smiling.

Hanna blushed and looked away. Then, realizing she was giving information she didn't want to share she composed herself.

"Gramps, Mack is still paralyzed. How long will this last?" She asked.

Sensei looked at me again and his eyes bore into my soul. I felt extremely uncomfortable and...naked.

"Not completely paralyzed, eh?" Sensei said, cheerily.

"No, I can talk, Sensei and my pain is gone," I said, wishing I could turn my head away. How much did he see? I wondered, nervously.

"Hmmm," Sensei said, looking back and forth at Hanna and me mischieviously. "Someone has been very naughty," he said, laughing. It wasn't a mocking laugh. He seemed to be of good cheer, and this was a good natured laugh. He just wanted us to know that he knew.

You sneaky bastard, I thought, smiling.

Sensei crouched and touched my temples lightly for several seconds, closing his eyes.
Then he put a hand just below my ribcage, over my belly button for several more seconds. I could feel the intense yet calm energy flowing within Sensei. I was in awe at the power he had mastered. It was like being in Master Toshiro's presence, but a bit different. More...mystical and mysterious. Master was also mystical and mysterious but in a different way.

"Hmmm," he said again, getting up. "Who is your Master?" He asked, as he walked over to the bookshelf.

"Master Toshiro," I replied. "Do you know him?" I asked, hopefully.

"Yes, that makes sense. I know Master Toshiro, yes. He stopped by here before leaving to Hong Kong," Sensei said.

"When? When was this?" I asked, urgently.

"Hmmm...that would be, three years ago. I warned him not to go, but Toshiro said he had to go. No choice, he said. He left something for you. He didn't give your name, but when you mentioned his name, I knew it was you," Sensei said.

"My I see it, please?" I asked, getting excited.

"Yes, but first you must healed completely, spirit, soul, mind and body. Then we will see if you survive the test," Sensei said, smiling.

"Survive the test?" Hanna and I asked in unison. Hanna blushed again.

"Come child, you can hide your emotions better than that. Akira must not know," Sensei said.

"Gramps, I...thank you Gramps," she said, hugging him.

"Yeah yeah, fine. I'm only helping because it's so funny," Sensei said, smiling.
"As for surviving, you will see for yourself. After you are healed. Must I continually waste my time repeating myself? Listen!" He continued, sternly, but still amused.

Sensei selected a book and began reading. Hanna stayed by my side, periodically checking my heart and sneaking kisses, which was now terrifying but still fun. Especially for Hanna.

Annie entered and approached me. "Sensei sure can eat a lot. You should have seen him packing it away. He loves my cooking," she said, smiling, kneeling down beside me.

Hanna looked a bit peeved but she smiled politely.

"Are you feeling better?" Annie asked.

"Yes, but I still can't move," I replied.

"Why? What's wrong?" She asked, putting a hand on my forehead. Now Hanna didn't look happy.

"We don't know. Gramps is working on it. Now, if you will excuse me," Hanna said, crowding in between Annie and I and checking my chest with her stethoscope.

Uh oh. This doesn't bode well, I thought.

"Well excuuussse me!" Annie said loudly, moving back, visibly getting angry.

"Ladies, I know this is a stressful time, but I'm sure Sensei will discover the cure," I said, tryin' to nip this newborn rivalry in the bud.

"Don't you have dishes to wash or desert to make?" Hanna asked. "I don't mean to be rude, but it's important we find a way to heal Mack. Distractions we don't need."

"Distractions?!" Annie shouted. "Is that what you think I am? You didn't say that when Mack crashed. I helped you save him. You couldn't have done it alone."

"No need to get so melodramic," Hanna countered, sarcastically.

It was like watching a tidal wave approach. You know it's gonna crash! Hard! But there's nothin' you can do to stop it.

Oh great. I sense this is gonna get ugly. Damn! I thought.


sensei said...

Yes, the word "naughty" is a technical term from Traditional Chinese Medicine that references a loss of jing, or "original ch'i," owing to certain, um, actions.

These actions affect the man's kidneys and produce a dissipating effect, which may cost him dearly in other pursuits. However, this energy loss is transfered to the female, who benefits. Hence, the "glow."

Just sayin'...

julie said...

Three Amigos?!


I sense a catfight coming on...

walt said...

Geez, young ladies surely are "forward" these days, aren't they? If I was Mack, I'd have been thinking, "Shouldn't we hold hands first?" But I suppose it's a generational thing.

Heh, I'd say Mack had better hope that it was Sensei at the door, and not Akira! Better to be em-bareassed than to be filleted by her daddy!

And yes, those women must fight: like Ali-Frazier, like Lee and Grant ... hell, like Pelosi and Reid! As Julie alluded, the fur will fly!

Good thing Sensei finished with his breakfast before it all starts! Otherwise, he would have had to pour his own Tea™!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Ha ha! Who knew Sensei could be so funny and educational at the same time? mean I lost my jing?
How does Mack get it back? Must the certain, um, actions be reversed?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Yeah, I don't know where that came from. I mean, it's not like that is what I would use as an adjective/noun. Er, normally.

Everyone likes a catfight! Well, except for Mack. Bein' the cause of a catfight can be very traumatic. Especially when he's tryin' to keep things on the QT. Yeah, right. Where's the fun in that?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

It IS noir, you know? It's not their fault, they were written that way.
In Mack's defense (snicker) it has been three years and he hasn't had any booze for awhile.

Somehow I think that Akira will not take this well. Just a hunch, really, but he does seem pretty old he's Japanese, so you know, Mack is in a helluva fix.

Ha! Get yer front seat tickets now! Bedlam in the desert heat! Hot, sweaty and...the censor is taking the day off!
Sensei probably can't believe his luck.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yep. The Three Amigos is a new euphemism I hadn't heard before.

Bogie said...

Ya shee, Mack?
I warned yez about lettin' a dame get too close to yez when ya can't run fer it, and now look at the sticky mess yer in. Reminds me of one back in '62. There was dis dame in St. Louis who toll' me she wanted to see how handcuffs worked. How was I spozed to know she just wanted to play schoolmarm and punish bad boys fer talkin in class? Now dere was some A,B, and C's, lemme tell yez. I was more careful after dat one.


QP said...


A new virtuoso has come to the fore.

What after all are friends fore?

mushroom said...

Mack obviously has a bad case of loving -- who? No pill's gonna cure this ill. Though Mack is extraordinarily lucky, my own vaguely similar experience taught me that if one is not careful both the free birds may fly the coop and one is left with, shall we say, only the old chicken in the hand.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

This is what happens when you look into the Abyss and it looks back.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I bow to your superior wisdom.
Handcuffs and a schoolmarm? Perhaps you should write the next chapter!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Ha ha! I like the steaming symbol!
I wish you were my literary agent.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

You know what they say, luck is fleeting. I have a feeling Mack ain't feeling so lucky at the moment.