Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sun Shine Again

Well...I reckon I was sicker than I thought.

Little darkish humor there. An inside joke you might say. Really. I'm smiling right now.

Okay, I realize no one new to this blog would get it without reading some backstory here (re: archives). All I can say is I can't guarantee it is funny enough to read my archives, and if you do you may disagree about the funny factor of sickness, but if you do (disagree) the yoke is on you. :^)

Then again, some of you new guys reading this blog may still not get it. Well, perhaps you weren't put on this earth to get it (another paraphrased inside joke that Big Trouble In Little China afishyendos will appreciate).

And no, I'm not gonna explain it (Hint: it was a Lopan line).
Man. I really miss villains like Lopan. Most villains nowdays are so boring and flat.
Lopan had style and substance...after he married the two green-eyed ladies and drank some blood from one of them that is.

My point is, he is memorable. Everyone appreciates a good villain. The problem with todays villains (and heroes, for that matter) is they are almost all cliches or cardboard cutouts.

But I diegrasp (little gallows humor there).

It might seem strange (might?) that I'm taking this tack on Easter but there is a good (maybe not necessarily good, per se, at least not in a literal sense) reason for it (500 free One Cosmos At Sea credits to the first one who guesses the right, um, use in my online store!...after I build one...and stock it).

You know, I had some videos linked in here for you guys to watch that sort of helps fill in some blanks (and live ammo also).
However, it's not showing and I have no idea why. Almost no idea ( Cough. Sucks. Cough).

Anyhow...if it doesn't appear later or if it does, Happy Easter and Happy Passover!
The Lord is risen and an empty tomb bears witness!
Blessed be the name of our God!

I'm truly blessed and thankful to Him for what he has done for me (and for the deviled eggs)!

Um, you did send the deviled eggs, didn't you Lord? Just kidding (but You know that).
Ha ha. I'm glad we can laugh about it.

Okay, I finally figured out what I did wrong, so without further delay I'll return you to the previously scheduled programming. Reprogramming actually.
Hope you like these as much as I do. :^)

Incidently, these vids may give you a clue as to where I have been lately.

Is there a reason why these guys ain't as well known as the Eagles or Lynyrd Skynyrd? I sure can't think of one.


julie said...

Hm. I hope the musical hint meant that you were on the road or in the desert, as opposed to under a rock... but whichever the case may be, even more I hope that you are feeling better again.

I hope you and Patti have a wonderful Easter, Ben!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks Julie!

You pretty much nailed it! You win 500 OCAS credits! Which is enough to get my Chin-Fu Dough manual (with illustrations by Skully)(okay, illustrations is a bit of a stretch...).

Happy Easter to you and your family!

PS- I am feeling better. :^)

AndrewPrice said...

Hey Ben, Happy Easter!

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Andrew!

Thanks! Happy Easter to you!

mushroom said...

Thanks to Julie for solving the riddle. I would have thought you were snake-bit maybe :)

Blackfoot was a good southern rock band. They may have suffered from management and timing issues. But a lot of people who don't remember them probably don't remember Molly Hatchet or .38 Special or Elvin Bishop or Grinderswitch, either.

That first video sounds a lot like Marshall Tucker.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Mushroom!

Good points about Blackfoot. I also suspect the length of many of their songs hurt them as far as radio exposure goes.

Personally, I like longer songs if they are good.
I like good short songs too, but it's kind of a bummer when a great guitarist (or pianist, etc.) only gets to jam for a few seconds and often the improv these guys do only make the song better.

Yeah, I notice a lot of similarities to MTB in that first one especially.

That second Blackfoot song was written in 2004 and I wasn't aware of it until recently.
Needless to say I was blown away at how good these guys still are compared to most aging bands that don't sound nearly as good as they did when they were in their prime.

If I only heard the music and didn't see the video it would be hard to believe that guys in their 60's or 70's could play this well, particularly live.

BTW, I have been snakebit but not by anything poisonous, although I could've been bitten by a coral snake when I was 8 (I didn't know it was poisonous at the time). Why it didn't bite me I don't know.
Guardian angel working OT most likely. :^)