Monday, August 23, 2010


What's more fun than gettin' shingles on the weekend? Why, gettin' more shingles than ever before and spreading them out, so most body parts don't feel left out.
Feet, legs, waist, trunk, arms and...ears? And rather than the mostly asymetrical shingle population explosion, these are mostly symetrical.

That means, you guessed it, I got commie shingles. Damn red bastards are everywhere! I reckon some might call it viral justice. You know, "justice," in the vein of the socialcom code word the socialcoms use to "justify" socialcommie BS.
Viruses of the world unite!

Actually, socialcommies are viruses in a literal sense since they attack their host and, without proper treatment, could make their host very sick, even killing it. Plus, they are...pathological...liars. Ha ha. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
The green strain of socialcoms are flush-eating bacteria. Badumdum! Cue cymbal.

Ahem. Okay, I won't give up my day job if I had one.

Personally, I'm more of a fan of justice justice, or, what patriots like to call justice.
I mean, seriously, do socialcoms really believe that stealin' our liberty n' property and giving most of it to bureaurats, thieves n' deadbeats (but I repeat myself), and a very small amount goin' to maybe a few folks who really need it (and are best served by true charity in the form of a hand up rather than a handout) equals some kind of "justice?"

Well, maybe they really do believe that, and maybe they really do have "good" intentions, but they are still dead wrong.
Regardless, I'll save my goodwill n' sympathies for the folks these well-meaning viruses are makin' sick, and yes, killin'.

Yep, when it comes to socialcoms, my pity meter is busted. The best I can muster is to offer some self evident truth's and a dose of reality. But in the end you can't force folks to believe that life, liberty and property and the freedom and creativity that promotes is better than livin' in a hive mentality collective of statist fascism.
A wise man said you can't fix stupid and another wise man said you can't fix a fool (although neither is necesarily exclusivee other).
All you can do is clarify the choices and the consequences.

To paraphrase Sylvester Stallone in Cobra: Socialcoms are the disease. We patriots are the cure.

Yikes, I went off on another tangent. This can happen in the shinglelarity which causes the event verizon to do all sorts of sci-fie crap to blog posts. I don't know what that means but it sounds cool.

I reckon tomorrow or soon I may hafta go check into the VA for some inpatient inpatienting and anti-biotics. Hopefully not. Last time I got shingles this bad I spent three weeks there. But this time I don't got it in my eye, so it should be a breeze. An itchy, burny (hurts like hell!) breeze without beer but still a breeze.
Could be worse (I know. You think I would stop sayin' that, but I'm feelin' up to a good challenge. Or bad challenge with good results? I dunno).

Stay tuned. :^)


julie said...

Yikes, Ben - that sounds miserable! I hope they go away very quickly.

f/zero said...

Well damn, Ben. You need a break, my friend.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks guys. Found out it was another virus that looks and acts much like shingles. Not sure of the spelling so i juat call it piratesoreIassess.

If my immune system kicks in it should be gone in a few weeks. Now i'm waiting for results of my blood test to see where my immune system (the CD4 part) is at (actual numbers that is) and to check the viral load.

I hafta type even slower tham usual 'cause these pills I'm taking for the itching (hydroxysomething or other) causes blurry vision (See: Double Vision, by Foreigner) among other seide effects.
The worst one: it feels like I have a hangover after sleeping on it (okay, not actually ON them).

Skully wondrs if grog would cancel the side effects out. Of course, it could double the side effects as well (double double vision...quadruple vision?).

Well, I can say without reservations that everything is a blur. Thanks guys for your prayers and well wishes n' stuff. I'll be back to procrastinating blogging in no time.
Have you any idea how long it takes to type one sentence (average length) with double double vision?

Retriever said...

Hope you feel better soon, Ben. I think your sense of humor will do as much good as all the pills and poisons and unguents modern medicine can supply. That and some REST, which I doubt you will take. Will pray for you that God will soothe and ease the pain and itch, and kill those little buggers ruthlessly...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Retriever!

Thank you for your prayers. I think they are working, 'cause it's not half as bad as it was. :^)

I will endeavor to take your sage wisdom to heart (DoJo reminded me as well). It ain't easy to take it easy sometimes but I'm willing to put some more effort into it.
Especially since the alternative is fresh in my noggin. :^)

Live slack or die hard is my motto (one of 'em anyways).

Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey, where'd ya go?

Jeannette said...

To boost the immune system there is a formula called cell forte... I think you could read about it a vitacost. you might check it out...
Virus also don't like you being really replete with vitamin B's.
And then there is good old fashioned soup and fruits & veggies, extra rest and gentle exercise.
Now I don't generally go around giving suggestions to strangers, even patriotic ones, but having once had shingles when my immune system was about to be overwhelmed by another problem...I just couldn't help myself, perchance it helps you.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Joan!

Well, that's a good question and not easy to answer in a few words.
However, I'm formulating a plan to do just that soon...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Jeannette!

Thanks for the great advice! Fortunately, my doc knows about the vitamin thing, so he's got me taking b12, b6 and d supplements, but it's a good reminder for anyone who might not know in a similar situation.

I'll check out the cell forte. Is it like Ensure? I used to like Ensure, and Ensure Plus but not so much anymore. Perhaps the VA carries the forte stuff. I'll check.

Also good idea on the fruits, veggies and soups. They are a good supplement to pork chops and bacon. :^)

Thanks again, and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I can get back to writin' sea stories soon.