Friday, March 26, 2010

Rerridiculous Redux

Damn. Jest when I thought it was safe to go back into the water...

Okay, here's the thing: Netzero was workin' good, and then...they committed bussinesside.

See, they decided to add hidden fees, effectively more than tripling the cost of their services.
And to add insult to thievery they charge $1.99 per minute to talk to their support staff. WTH?

Really? Youse guys think I'm just gonna accept that? It's like they were tryin' every which way they could to piss me off. Well, mission accomplished you insufferable twits!

So now what? My support staff (my lovely wife Patti) switched back to MSN, and encountered the same problems with McCaffee (ie couldn't get it to work on dial-up).
I told her as much, and dammit, I'm not hapy to be right about it.

This after many hours of fruitless downloading, phone calls to MSN hell, and every trick she could think of.

So now what? When faced with the proverbial catch-22 she did an end-around. IOW's she dropped McCaffee like God dropped Cain, did a bit of research and sent me to our local WalMart to buy another security app called AVG.
Costed $40.00 for two years of service for the disc.
Downloaded in about one hour...SUCCESSFULLY!!! And subsequent downloads of updates took about 4 hours.

Miraculously, it WORKS! And it's efficent! A complete computer scan on McCaffe took anywhere from 2-3 hours. AVG takes about 8 minutes...on dial-up. Downloads are fast. Even disc defrags are quick.
Seems AVG yakes customer service seriously, and best of all they do what they advertise! Now there's a concept any business that wants to grow and be successful should take to heart.
It's not a new concept, but, unfortunately, there are businesses out there like McCaffee and Netzero who decide not to implement this bit of valuable wisdom.

My apologies to MSN for mistakenly concluding that they were the problem.
That's not to say MSN ain't without problems, but as far as connecting and maintaining an internet connection, they are good enough.

Thank God we still got a semblance of competition in our economy, or I wouldn't be bloggin' right now or even be on the 'net.

So, I got a new e-mail addy. It's (also on my sidebar). It's good to be back my friends!
For awhile there I thought it was curtains for OCAS and the Benster commentin' on all yer magnificent sites.
I was depressed as hell, but hope sprang eternal as it always does and I passed through the dark night of the "so, you ain't got no connection to the innernet eh?"

Ridiculous? You bet (just like Obamaoscare). But I'm back, baby. I'm back. And I got an itchy typin' finger so don't you piss me off you envious n' bitter lefties.
Too late.

You know what gets under a lefties skin? Tell 'em their envious n' bitter and tell 'em why.
Ask them why they wanna steal your hard-earned money and God given liberty...and tell 'em why.

Hell, 9 times outta ten you won't get through to them 'cause they ain't ready to hear the truth.
Some are never ready to hear the truth, sadly.
But you can plant a seed and hope n' pray that some of them wake up and see how f*cked up they really are.

And despite the considerable damage Obamao and his lecherous cronies cause (and will attempt to add to) HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!!!

As long as WE THE PEOPLE...WE THE PATRIOTS ARE STILL STANDIN'...there ain't no way in hell these punks are gonna get away with takin' our liberty and our children and grandchildrens liberty away.
Fight them with every ounce of energy you have and never give up!!!

Standby for mo' stories n' rants. Petty Officer Ben, over n' out. :^)

BTW, I heart AVG,


Sal said...

mom mode on/ Where WERE you? I was worried!/ mom mode off

Okay, just so it's the computer.
Thanks for the fighting words- we all need a dose of Ben.

f/zero said...

Yup, McAfee sucks alright. Almost as bad as Symantec. AVG is good, and I hate to tell you this, but there's a free version (just have to know where to look online to find it). But better yet is Comodo - also a free version, so next time you need an AV/firewall package, you can buy a Happy Meal with the savings.

Anyway, that was just a bad advertisement that slipped through your spam filter. ;-)

I do hope this puts Ben back online pronto. We need you on the front lines.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Sal!
It was um, Patti's fault! I was just a victim here. Granted she was tryin' to save dineros...

Thanks for the pep talk Sal! Without you and my other pals I wouldn't be here.
And thanks to Patti for finally findin' AVG. :^)

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks, F/zero!
I had no idea there were TWO good ones out there that are free!

In two years (if we are still here) give me a reminder, okay? :^)
That's really great news!