Monday, January 11, 2010

Modem Hoopla

Hi guys!

So. Here I am, borrowing my wench's 'puter, 'cause my modem is mangled, inoperandi, kaput, gone baby gone. In other words, it just don't work no more.

So. What the? Oh man! C'mon! I mean damn! Is that all? Anything else?

"Don't worry dear, I ordered a new one, and it should be here on the 29th," Patti said.

Oh I'm not worried, I thought. Pissed off maybe, but not worried.

"Thanks Babe," I replied, afraid to ask what it cost.

I know, let's spend our way outta debt! Works for the guvmint. At least temporarily. ain't gonna break us. Step away from the negative thoughts. Calm down...
Don't tell me to calm down! Aw, shaddup!

What about the dreams? Tell them about the dreams.

Dammit! I don't have time! But I will...I will, on the 29th. Or someone is gonna pay!

Yeah, I'm gonna pay, I thought, smiling.
Man, these are some freaky dreams. Pretty cool though. Slacktastic, you might say.

I will return.


jwm said...

So get to the dream, dammit! Long time, no see, Ben. It is WAY GOOD to hear from you. Hope you're well.

John M

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julie said...

Yep, what John said. You've been missed.

Dang, even when you keep it short you leave us with a Benhanger!

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Van said...

What JWM said!

Oh... and what vijay said too... for sure....

Slacktastic dreams huh? You and MacArthur.


robinstarfish said...

Benster! Can't wait till yer back in the saddle. Too quiet without you.

Ricky Raccoon said...

Is it the 29th yet?