Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Cʘsmos: About Those Right Wing Fascists

Gagdad Bob has an outstanding post up about the left's conniption fits over some of the signs at the Tea Party's at:

One Cʘsmos: About Those Right Wing Fascists

Here's some excerpts:

"There are not too many things that really bother me about politics, politics being what it is. But one thing that does is when people condemn one side for doing exactly what the other side does. This is why you will never see me get excited by a commonplace political scandal. Of course politicians are corrupt. That's why I am a conservative. I want fewer of them, with less power over me."

"I've read any number of mainstream analyses of the tea party movement, and not one of them dispassionately discusses the substance of the arguments, i.e., out of control government spending, socialized medicine, legislation to forbid the climate from changing, etc.

Now, back to those "crazies" who think that Obama is a fascist. First of all, you have to understand that genocide is not intrinsic to fascism. In a way, Hitler spoiled a perfectly useful word by forever associating it with the Holocaust. So now we have no name for a certain enduring political phenomenon, just because the name for it has been tainted."

Good analysis. How often do people misinterpret what you are sayin' because they don't know what you mean? It happens a lot. A word like "fascist" is loaded, and most folks will associate the word with the Holocaust if you use it, ignoring the true meaning of the word.

Of course there are plenty of other words that are also loaded with all sorts of "nuance," no thanks to the left. Which is ironic, because when you look at the true meanings of words, the left is basically the oposite of some of their favorite self-descriptions.

The left ain't liberal, they are illiberal. They certainly ain't progressive they are regressive. And does anyone really believe, besides leftists that is, that they are the "reality community?"
I mean, these are people that believe they can bring about a manmade utopia by killing the golden goose (and geese) that produce the golden eggs that can only hatch in a free market.
So not only do they wanna kill the golden geese, they wanna fry up and scramble all the eggs until it's extinct.

We all have seen the results of that ideology, at l;east those of us that have even a basic knowledge of history.
Hell, you can see the results of socialism right now. Who wants to move to Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela?

No one does, not even the leftists that don't realize their utopian plans will destroy our economy and freedoms. And they call themselves the reality community?
More like batsh*t insane. But leftists wanna change reality without understanding what the reality actually is, to paraphrase Gagdad Bob.

And when it won't work they'll just keep askin' for more money until the golden geese are extinct. Then what? Blame President Bush again? Yeah, that'll work. Better to blame a scapegoat rather than admit your fascist ideology destroys everything it touches. Reality can be so annoying, huh? Idiots.

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