Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Puppy Pandemonium

I like my pork rinds straight n' neat, I said. Hold the rocks. But that dame bitch slipped me a mickey. Wow, maybe I should quit watchin' those really ancient flicks that Dad likes to see. Besides, the music can be scary and don't get me started on all those shadows n' stuff. I love pork rinds.

Nothin' like some leftover chew bone to start the mornin'. Too bad Skully or Cammilu ain't around, then I could get them to soften it up for me, before I borrow it from them. Guess I should've thought of that last night. Oh wait, I did think of that last night, ha ha! Boy, were they mad!

Time to sit up, I guess. Where is everyone? Sleepin' in again?

Gotta do my yogi exercises that Dad taught me. Yeah...that feels so much better. Now I am in touch with my inner therewolf. I wonder what a therewolf is? That guy with the weird eyes said somethin' about it on that movie we watched last night...Young Frank n' stein. 'Cept he didn't look very young to me.

Lookin' good in my seadog outfit that big Skully gave me. I wonder what a pigme is? He said they were really short like me.

Time to kill the tiger! Little Miss thought.

Can't be too careful around these things.

"Hi Mom and Dad! What's for breakfast? Look, I killed the tiger...again," Little Miss said.

Cool! Giant lips! Skully thought.

I really hope no one saw that.

If I'm vewy vewy quiet, I can ambush Skully again, thought Little Miss.

Geez, not again, Skully thought. Doesn't she ever stop?

"Dangit! I got babysittin' duty again!" Cammilu said. "I'm a terrier, not a collie."

Little Miss takin' a nap, no doubt dreamin'...dreamin' to take over the world!

"Don't make me beg! Okay, okay I'll beg," Skully said.

"Hey, let me outta here! I didn't do it I tell ya," Skully said.

Skully takin' a leisurely stroll while I sit in the command chair, surveyin' the tactical situation. The work of a cap'n is never done.

Here's Little Miss runnin' so fast she's just a blur. In fact, so am I. Could be that the grog I drank, along with her superdog speed has thrown the entire space/time continuum out of whack.

Skully n' Little Miss n' me sleepin'. I'm the one wearin' red. I think.

There's that blur again. Is this what a wormhole feels like?

"I'm down with that," Little Miss dreamed. "Hey! Are those flyin' pigs?"

"That is the best doggone smellin' underarm I ever smelt!" Exclaimed Skully.

Skully n' Little Miss sleepin'. They look so cute, but don't let that fool you. I mean, they are cute, so don't get me wrong, but that's a distraction, designed to...distract you. You see, they're rechargin', in order to wreak more havoc and let loose the dogs of war! Or somethin'.


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Note: We always supervise the pooches when they chew on chew bones (rawhide) as per veterinarian recommendations, as
they can be a choking hazard.

This has been a public service announcement (and free health-tip), brought to you by pork rinds. If you find yourself in a rut, eat pork rinds. For that matter, if you don't find yourself in a rut also eat pork rinds.
Pork rinds: The other white rind.

walt said...

(Crunch) I'm enjoyzing some now, as we speak! (Crunch)

I prefer the Chicharones, the fiery ones, with all the chili powder on them. Mmmmm ... burns so good! How else can a feller wake up at 4 AM? Hah?


How come critters can s-t-r-e-t-c-h like that, but when I try it, well, it sorta hurtz? Surely, we humanoids are more "evolved" than the critters, don'chu? Of course you do. Yet (Crunch) when we stretch like that ...

One of my catz is a Big Fan of the Armpit Position as well; perhaps in some weird way, she is related to your pooch? (Crunch)

Hey: anything is possible, RIGHT?

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hiya Walt!

So that's what chicharones means. I knew I had seen the word somewhere. I usually get the plain ones because I can only eat so much spicy stuff in a day before my stomach acid does a pompeii reenactment.
I miss spicy stuff. However, if I take a lot of the prescribed heartburn medication at once I can usually get away with some spicy food, so it's not like I hafta do without kimchee. But no jalepeno powershots, so to speak.

Good question about the stretching. In fact, dogs n' cats seem to actually enjoy it immensely. Lucky dogs...and cats.
It would appear we have devolved irt flexibility, or maybe the gymnasts and dancers hogged it all up. I dunno.

I did ask the k-9 if he was related to your cat and he rolled over onto his back. Apparently he wants me to rub his belly before he says anything...or nothing. Or perhaps that is his answer. :^)

julie said...


robinstarfish said...

The little gal didn't take long to fit right in, did she? ;-)

herewolves and therewolves
werewolves waswolves and willwolves
all beherenowwolves

Jimmy J. said...

So that's what a dog's life is like. Wanna come back as a dog! Preferably in a nice home like that one in the pictures.

mushroom said...

Those are great. Good to see happy critters.

QP said...

Sights of those pups brings out my doggie theme song:

Love's always been my game
Play it as I may
I was born that way
Can't help it

So good to see you living in good lovin' fun.

AndrewPrice said...

Very, very cute. :-)

Van said...

I see they're not afeared o Tigers! I'm betting Skully & they will have some tall tales(just a figure of speech... didn't mean to mention their vertical challengedness)!

Gecko said...

Too cute, Ben! Hope you had a good Independence Day weekend with those little creatures.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks guys!
Sorry fr the late response.
It's been hectic, but fun, ha ha!

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