Sunday, January 18, 2009

JWM's World Famous Blog

JWM has got the bloggin' bug, and that's a good thing for the RaccoonOsphere!
JWM, as anyone who reads One Cosmos knows gets across some serious slack in his own unique way.
Motivational and inspirational slack without any glibness. Straight to the heart slack without the Jesus willies (that world famous term coined by JWM his self) but with cool Jesus.

In other words, interesting and compelling bloggin' with that unique twist that JWM is famous for!

That's why JWM's blog is world famous, and that's why I'll be readin' it. :^)

Welcome aboard, John!

BTW, the link to JWM's World Famous Blog is on my side bar. Go ahead! Grab you a grog while you're there.


walt said...

JWM linky-dink.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Heh! Thanks Walt! Of course we need the linky-dink.
You can also catch it on my side bar, which I added to my post.

Now I'm curious what John is gonna do. :^)

Anonymous said...

Join us on today’s episode of the most famous daily soap opera of the Cooniverse.

While one Raccoon loses his whole blog under very suspicious circumstances, another finds out he has a blog he didn’t even knew about…

Don't miss out on the coonclusion of this most intriguing story of a spiritual journey filled with love, friendship and grog!


Robin Starfish said...

Am i the only one unable to post comments at jwm's joint?* Anyway, if yer reading here jwm - a big welcome!

*Maybe that's the point! ;-)

jwm said...

Thank you so much, Ben!
I'll be working on the blog layout for a while, as much of the Blogger system just seems to work in ways known only to the illuminatti of Blog. For example, if I try to sign in anywhere but at the wfb it won't accept the password. I can't figure out how to get links posted on the sidebar. I want the same set up, you have here so I can link the whole OC gang plus anyone from over at the Feral Remnant as well.
Robin, thank you as well. I don't know why you're having trouble with the posting, but if it's any consolation, I haven't been able to post anything at Motel Zero, either. Live and learn, I guess.
Soon. Maybe tonight, I'll start putting up the first piece of real content. I promise nothing serious.