Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Aye. Soulshinin' is something' to aspire to. We've all met people that have what seems like an immense soul shine.
Patti, my grandma, my brothers, sisters and friends I have met on the 'net. And a few others I have had the privilege of meeting throughout my life.

How does one soulshine more?

Well, I'm working' on it, but I do know the number one thing I need to do and that's be thankful.
Without that one can't begin to soulshine at all.

Cultivatin' joy would be another thing I can do. It takes practice for me. Some folks seem to be born with it, while others need to practice more and focus through meditation, contemplation, prayer.
Jest gotta dive in and do it.

Which brings me to givin'.
Not just materially. but through prayer, friendship, love, honor, sacrifice...etc..
But you know, when I give it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. I need to give more to receive more.
But I can't give for that reason. It doesn't work that way.

No, I must give because it's the right thing to do. Sure, it may feel uncomfortable at times but it's liberating too. Therapeutic even.

Which leads me to forgiveness, of others and myself.
I gotta say this is the most difficult for me, but I know I must if I wanna transcend past where I am now.
Doesn't mean I gotta be best friends with those I forgive, but those chains need breakin' nonetheless.

Practicin' the virtues sure will go a long way to help me soulshine brighter.
When I do all these things in honesty then verily God's grace will flow like a river into my soul.

Thank you, my friends for soulshinin' on me. God bless you all.


julie said...

As I had occasion to remember recently, giving and forgiving really do go hand in hand. Which reminds me, I should probably call my family later...

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Hi Julie,
That's a superb Julievation! I never really thought about it in that way, that forgiving is a form of giving. Indeed, one could say forgiving is charity, and it frees our souls.

mushroom said...

Yes, without giving, joy is elusive at best.

Freely you have been given; freely give. Because that's what creates the flow, and the joy is in the flow.

Great music, too. Thanks, Ben.

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

I'm happy you liked the songs, Dwaine. I'm always on the lookout for good music. That last dong was from a very recent Tesla album and is very good. Goid to see they haven't lost their creative chops.

That's the scripture I was thinking about. :)

John Lien said...

Good post Ben. Can't add to the good comments either. Well, come to think on it... In MOTT where UF talks about spiritual respiration, you have to pray, (exhale) to receive God's grace (inhalation).

But like you mention, there is always that catch...

"I need to give more to receive more. But I can't give for that reason. It doesn't work that way."

USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Thanks John,
I like thae way UF puts that in MOTT. Very poetic.

Sadly, some Christians believe that it's okay to give for the reward, and are even encouraged to think this way by some Pastors.

They don't realize that is not the point of giving. It would be like a mercenary saying he is giving to charity to describe his job.
Not to mention selfish.

We need to wanna give with no expectations of a reward.